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Tarheels for life!

sunny 10 °C

ok folks im sorry i havent been updating my blog. school has come in and ripped me out of holiday mode which sucks ass cause all the boys back home r chillin in the summer and im freeezing my balls off here in Chapel Hill

ook...well i arrived here two weeks ago and did the whole introduction thing which always sucks cause they do the shitty nitty gritty stuff bout insurance and stuff. so after that i met the other exchange kids, couple of aussies from sydney and a few pohms who r pretty quality to hang out with. so went for tea with them and they seem cool. just chilled other then that after my first night here in chapel hill. went to a frat party and man these guys no how to party, it is just like the movies. beer pong is played and the ladies dance like the naughty girls that they hide te be lol

so the fratternity is full of sick guys like cameron, has the voice of justin timberlake lol and people like johnny flynn, alec r, simon (stevie J) and alex alverez. just the same sorta guys id hang with back home. so for the next week i hung with them and played basketball with them and went to their parties which r fucken insane...if anyone ever goes on exchange u gotta meet frat guys...nicest ever but fuck they can party. they drink light beers though so us aussies could go toe to toe with them.

met some pretty top chicks here at unc, the girls r amazing everywhere...smitten by the accent and the draw of something exotic lol. they think ur just another guy hitting on them but as soon as u say ur from australia they go weak at the knees lol....nah they r cool and there is like a 2/3 ratio of chicks to guys which is fucken awesome if u dont mind me saying.

classes are kinda different cause there is alot more reading then back home which is a transition from what im used to but should be fine in the end....really enjoy meeting new people and the fratnernity is the one place to meet everyone so i decided to pledge the house and the brothers have accepted me so hopefully it all goes to plan and i become a brother as the house that im pledging, one of the brothers was the producer of star trek and his son created the show GREEK which is pretty special that i could be brothers with these guys.

went to a tarheels game with stevie, johnny and alec....best time ever...lost by like 5 but still had an amazing time!
im sitin here on aussie day night after classes in the fraternity house and im about to hit the beers with the brothers to celebrate....looking forward to hitting it tonight...

i gotta go cause the boys r comparing pornstars on there laptops.....btw....jenna haze the porn star is comin to chapel hill in 2 weeks to strip and we r so goin loll

take care perth! love ya always

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Travel begins to YankVille

sunny 20 °C

Ok guys here we go!

Flew to Auckland and saw my cousins and stuff. Hung out round Auckland but just wanted to get on the plane and knock out the 12 hour flight that was still to come. Cause of the staff travel that I took with my aunty, you have to wait till the last minute to find out if you have a ticket otherwise you have to wait till the next flight that has space. Luckily it did have space and my aunty and I got on board to catch the flight up to LA!

So I hit the plane and I was tredding it as much as possible but with Air NZ new entertainment programme where u choose the stuff you wanna watch it was pretty good so I just watched rugby and movies. Also I met this chick who is from Auckland and she goes to NYU and said that if I wanted to come up and see NYC she would show me round a lil so that was kinda sweet.

So I got to LAX and the customs guys were pretty scrutinious on the whole thing like questioning about why I was here and how long Id be but after the honest answering it turned out all good. Caught the hotel van to the Hacienda Hotel and when we arrived we just crashed cause we got no sleep on the plane. After a 3 hour kip, we woke up and went to the grocery store and FUCK ME! there food is so cheap and alcohol is so cheap too...Grey Goose Vodka is usually 70 bucks in perth...over here it is 30 bucks, 6 pack of beers was 8 dollars and a 1.25 lirte bottle of vodka was 25 buckss! so we got some liquer and drank it in the hotel room, went down stairs to the bar and drank lemonade and then I saw my first american hooker in acion! She was macking some old dude and he bought into it and by the end of the night they were heading up to his room! she wasnt that bad lookin for a pro but pretty funny stuff!

Woke up this morning and had some mexican food for breakfst and that was pretty sweet! we then went to an LA City tour with the whole celeb homes, venice beach and rodeo drive! went on the bus and there were these two smoking hot broads from texas who came up for the football game tomorrrow between texas and allabama. was chattin to them for a while and they were alright to talk to but were kinda stuck up but they were banging hot! dont worry guys i got a picture for u to judge for urselfs lol! they had this sexy little southern bell accent to that made me JIZZ IN MY PANNNNTTTTTTTTSSSSSS!

So after the tour we came home ad grabbed some tea and now im writing this in front of watchin the clippers vs lakers! and head to malibu tomorrow for my last day in twinkle town. weather is really nice, cold in morning and night but really nice in the day...pretty much like perth in april! Miss all u guys heaps but im having fun and im sure u r too! Start UNI on monday so will try and make the effort to keep u updated! STay classy Perth and Ill chat with ya soon! lots of love Craigy

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